Bat Country Booking presents:
Dne: 29.07.2005
Kde: Praha - Modrá Vopice

Punk: The International Incident 29 & 30
Července - Modrá Vopice


Better Way (cz)

Scheisse Minnelli (de/us)

The Shocks (de)

Forty Winks (it)


Dreadrot (cz)

Unavoidables (au)

The Lipstix (de)

Flaming Cocks (cz)

The Twinkles (it)

Bankrupt (hu)

The Event:

An Open Air Festival featuring 6 – 10 bands from different countries in Europe and abroad. Highlights on local merchandisers, magazines, fanzines, music labels-stores etc, arts & culture groups, charitable organizations and awareness groups.

What it is essentially:

The Punk International Incident aims to be just that – a mix and melange of the world around us set in the center of Europe, Prague.

It`s not hard to admit that the world around us appears to be having troubles getting along.
The only way to prove that coexistence and tolerance is not only possible but an achievable necessity is by example. We plan to set this example by featuring rock groups from different nations (nations that have a long history of being at odds with each other) together with local and international media, arts & culture, awareness groups as well as charitable causes. We know we are not doing anything new but continuing an ideal that will benefit everyone. Come on down to Praguer Town!!! And have yer selves a ball!!!
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