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good clean fun | us

which is the best-known band of the last 10 years that plays driving melodic oldschool hardcore and is trying to bring back fun into the scene?

rise and fall | belgium

the biggest european hype at the moment, right? this band, influenced by clevo and new york hardcore, bands like Integrity, Cro-Mags and/or Entombed, has definitely found their own style and unique bright and violent sound

the suicide file | us

oldschool hardcore from Boston on Indecision records. what more can we say? maybe that this band includes of members of Hope Conspiracy...

amanda woodward | france

together with Yage (rip), without a doubt leaders of the european screamo hardcore scene. in the tradition of fingerprint, etc played with their own intensity, passion, and DIY feeling with a deep social-political and emotional message

seein red | netherlands

hardcore/punk veterans, former members of larm, anarchist/leftwing politically active people, and in their 40ties still fast, raw and more powerful than most bands nowadays

heaven shall burn | germany

its been a while since this metalcore band showed up into hardcore scene and they doesnot sound tired at all! and yeah, no pussycore inlfuence and melodic vocals! i am happy about that!

new winds | portugal

hardcore punk. ultra political and vegan straightedge, musically compared to Ignite or Nations On Fire. after last year's success at fluff fest booked again. don't miss them, it’s the last chance to see them in our area - this is their final tour, the band decided to call it quits!!

born from pain | netherlands

midtempo tough mosh hardcore legends from netherlands. no need to introduce.

monster | germany/poland

members of bands like Highscore, Costa's Cake House, Peace of Mind, A Thin Red Line, or Ugly Aesthetics formed new d-beat Berlin based boyband!

the now-denial | germany

pretty energetic hardcore punk with political attitude, members or Hybris, Enfold, Hocus, durango 95 or Surf Nazis Must Die,... as they say: too sweet to be punk, too punk to be hardcore, too hardcore to be crust, too cynical to be anything at all

endstand | finland

Without doubt one of the most popular and respected bands in Europe! Endstand have gone a long way to form their own particular style. few bands work as hard as them. in their music you can sense the aggression of Sick Of It All, the explosiveness of Strike Anywhere, or the melodic feeling of The Nerve Agents, creating a combination you just can’t ignore!

31 knots | us

highly technical indierock. not unlike Q And Not You Dischord type era

zann | germany

long-time hardworking DIY screamo hardcore collective from germany. screamo bands are always hard to describe, but if you dont know them, expectmix or Neil Perry, Kiss It Goodbye and 90ies gravity rcs bands. bravurly played vs dirty sounded!

bridge to solace | hungary

innovative and heartfelt newschool full of great arrangements. a perfect mixture of fast-paced hardcore and heartbreaking melodies with a heavy-metal touch and cynical and heavily political lyrics

guided cradle | czech

Guided Cradle is a band of czech, american and scotish punx based in Prague. raw disbeat punk influenced by band like Anti-cimex or svedish crust d-beat achool.

teamkiller | germany

this band formed by members of Absidia and Sidekick is becoming the new hype. i believe it’s because of their energetic live shows. musically influenced by early SOIA, Cro-Mags, Judge with maybe a more metallic sound and everlasting passion for the hardcore scene

yacöpsae | germany

legendary pissed off highspeed powerviolence

action | czech

mid-tempo mosh combining with melodic death metal, most hardworking and most promising czech band playing this kind of music. devasting stuff, think Arkangel or Born From Pain

reproach | belgium

pissed off fast hardcore skate thrash from belgium, think of early D.R.I.

nueva etica | argentina

veganstraightedge combo with 3 vocals from buenos aires. political angry hardcore in the vein of path of resistance or early integrity

day of the dead | portugal

fast, heavy and emotional hardcore, not unlike Modern Life is War meets Tragedy

officer jones and his patrol car problems | belgium

for fans of Botch or Dillinger Escape Plan. chaocore and sample manipulators, members of Cast-Down and Reply

anyway | czech

rocking melodic, but still raw stuff influenced by bands like Hüsker Dü, The Nation Of Ulysses, or Murder city Devils

hjerte stop | denmark

fast punkrock with melodic edge influenced by early 80s California/Orange County hardcore. with members of another K-town great band Incontrolados. punkrock!

ravelin 7 | czech

minimaistic keyboard screamo hardcore with melodic edge and lirics in czech laguage. veterans of czech scene.

john ball | czech

young czech band playing intensive screamo hardcore in best tradition of bands like Children of Fall, Ivich or all that inspirative french screamo bands

austin lucas | us

used to play in band 23rd Chapter and The K-10 prospect, couple of years ago moved to Pragueand started to write his own solo songs. Expect pure country music played by the only crustpunk crust-songwritter in the world (as far as i know)

karl marx | czech

side project of Thema Eleven members. enthusiastic screamo hardcore with both musical and political early 90ies spirit.

and many more to come!

for more info check fluff fest site
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