Dne: 25.07.2004
Kde: Plzeň - Bolevecký rybník

hellstrom | germany

Ex-Stack - pure, intense, fast, kick-ass hardcore punk somewhere between Left For Dead, The Now-Denial and From Ashes Rise.

sons of saturn | france

The new stars of the French emo scene! A unique mix of political hardcore with screamocore, in the way only French bands know how. Respectfully continuing the tradition of bands like Fingerprint, Ananda, Ivich or Jasmine!

colligere | brasil

An acclaimed oldschool band in Brazilian straightedge circles. Don't expect any kind of nike-styled youth crew band. They are balanced between the melodic fastforward hardcore sound of bands like Atari or H-street and the screamo-political sound of Children of Fall or Newborn.

thema eleven | czech

carahter | brasil

Darker and harder than hell! Mid-tempo metalcore, really sick and heavy and played very skilfully! A mix of Coalesce, Morser and Napalm Death!

from monument to masses | us

Politically motivated hypnotic post-punk influenced by the likes of Fugazi to Tortoise, Don Caballero to Godspeed You Black Emperor - balancing between early post-punk, dub, soul, and ambient breakbeat, the band goes on revolutionary 60s radical politics and has releases on Dimmak records.

yage | germany

Legendary political screamo, now on Ebullition Rec. This band sounds like a mix of the best music from Germany and the USA from the first half of the 90s, i.e. energetic, screaming emocore in the tradition of Age, Portraits of Past, Shotmaker or 400 Years. A perfect measure of heaviness and emotion! One of the last chances to see this band - they are spliting up in July. Catch them on their final tour!

destiny | germany

The new stuff from this metalcore band is amazing! Mid-tempo metal combining brutal and melodic parts. From Autumn to Ashes fans will be surprised!

pinback | us

Touch & Go recording artists = depressing emo at its best. cult listening for all indie fans. ex- Three Mile Pilot and Heavy vegetables!

liar | belgium

It’s been 10 years already! Still metal, still straightedge. Classic Belgian, European or even worldvide SXE hardcore!
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