Dne: 24.07.2004
Kde: Plzeň - Bolevecký rybník

mood | czech

vaadat kishut | israel

Political 75% girl hardcore-punk from Israel. Faster than Submision Hold, rawer than Harum Scarum.

x-wing | czech

Meat free, straight edge, Star Wars, youth crew, politics!

výběr veřejného blaha | czech

just went black | germany

Quite a young band consisting of quite old bandmembers. Their musical experience is obvious! Working on songs for New Age records, a split with Ensign will be out soon, etc, etc. Straight forward oldschool tunes highlighted with very nice melodic riffs and sequences.

am thawn | germany

A perfect mix of emorock, postpunk and 80s! Excellent guitar work mixed in with dance rhythms and a subtle retrostyle, creating fresh and original music in the vein of Robocop Kraus, Les Savy Fav, or Q And Not U. Their new album is now out on Day After..

6 reason to kill | germany

If you don’t know this band yet, expect pure metal! What else should you expect form members of other extreme legends like Tumult and Gomorrha...?

my own lies | germany

A heavy-toned, bone-grinding massacre, sourced from Swedish and American classics, but played in a German style, so much rawer. Perfect for those who like bands such as Infest, Dropdead, Skytsystem, Krigshot, Stack, etc.

face the fact | italy

New school/metalcore sound with lots of melodic death/trash metal elements and sometimes chaotic riffing. One of the most respected and mature Italian new school acts. If you don't know them, don't expect another HSB clone; this is more trash metal, closer to bands like Walls of Jericho and stuff.

highscore | germany

If there's one band in Europe smashing the borders between punk and hardcore, then their name is Highscore for sure. Not your typical youth crew band.... Challenging lyrics and DIY ethics mixed with fast and raw hardcore.

heaven shall burn | germany

A burner. Germany's metal heroes and possibly the most popular European act at the moment. Metalcore combined with death metal influences and a very powerful voice. Cult (not only) for vegan-metal fans. No need to introduce them!
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