Dne: 23.07.2004
Kde: Plzeň - Bolevecký rybník

idiot savant | germany

A mix or crust, fastcore and screamo hardcore with a shiny metal touch. Totally DIY stuff.

lahar | czech

The greatest sensation on the Czech extreme hardcore scene of recent times! Faster than the fastest – a hardcore grind tornado! This kills everything! For fans of Collapse and Infest (on 45rpm). Soon on 625 Records!

the idoru | hungary

Really melodic and very technical and punkish stuff with catchy vocals. Another Hungarian surprise from the ashes of Newborn...

esgmeq | czech

The only genuine stadium band, which fortunately will never become a stadium band! Raw, animal, punk 'n' roll with a devastating sound and great lyrics! Some bands pay tens of thousands to sound like this, but with Esgmeq it happens all on its own! (On Silver Rocket)

break in | uk

No nonsense straight edge mosh from the south east of england. these guys will sledgehammer you into submission with their brand of hardcore, not too disimilar to earth mover, santa sangre or early throwdown. expect plenty of mosh, singalongs and stage dives.

bridge to solace | hungary

Innovative and heartfelt newschool full of great arrangements. A perfect mixture of fast-paced hardcore and heartbreaking melodies with a heavy-metal touch and cynical and heavily political lyrics.

analena | croatia

A lot has been said about this Croatian band recently, and rightly so! Their passionate brand of emo hardcore is unbelievably strong and original, and is topped off with Anna’s perfect vocals! For fans of Petrogad, La Fraction, etc.

risen | us

Straight edge band from Indianapolis with former members of legendary bands like Birthright, Horizon and Ten Times Over. That good new school hardcore on Catalyst records like back in the 90s - razor-sharp guitar riffs, society-critical lyrics in a pretty moshable package!

endstand | finland
Without doubt one of the most popular and respected bands in Europe! Endstand have gone a long way to form their own particular style. There are few bands who work as hard as them. In their music you can sense the aggression of Sick Of It All, the explosiveness of Strike Anywhere, or the melodic feeling of The Nerve Agents, creating a combination you just can’t ignore!
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