Former Cell Mates (Sunderland, U.K.) / Zeroking (int`l)
Dne: 06.02.2007
Kde: Praha - Motoráj

Former Cell Mates (Sunderland, U.K., member Leatherface) / Zeroking (int`l)- tix/vstup 80 czk
@ Motoraj, Novovysocanska 85 – Žižkov, Tram 10 Bus 136 (Na krejcárku)
“Soulful… Sweaty and wired… Former Cell Mates have the melodic driving punk thing locked down.” - Kerrang
“Raucous punk-rawk … sounds great to the sober ear but to the sozzled brain, it sounds mighty.” NME
Former Cell Mates describe themselves as “Armed with cheap guitars, premium lager and fatigued by the numerous insipid Indie bedroom dwellers, Punk rock fashionistas and pretenders to the rock and roll throne. Original yet familiar, Former Cell Mates sound has often been likened to the punk rock garage frenzy of Mudhoney combined with driving rock sensibilities of early Police with the ragged, drunken soul of The Replacements watching over them.”
The previous bands that comprise their current assemblage list The Coyote men, The Golden Virgins, and most notably Leatherface.
FCM will be playing Motoraj with mutations from Prague`s petri dish Zeroking who claim the influences of Lotte Lenya, Madge, The Four Sonds, fex, Jackie Gleason and the sounds of Duane Eddy, petroleum products, peristalsis (which „is the rhythmic contraction of smooth muscles to propel contents through the digestive tract“, in case you didn`t know).
Former Cell Mates (Sunderland, UK)
Zeroking (Prahahaha)
A Random Acts production (subdivison of Bat Country Booking)
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