Dne: 18.05.2007
Kde: Linz (A) - Ann and Pat

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SAMARITAN (Filled with Hate Records) ... brutal mosh hardcore / ex Born from Pain/Neuk/With Pride/Stone Cold from Amsterdam /NL

ADJUDGEMENT (Engineer Records) ... hardcore heroes from Hannover /GER

@ ann and pat / Lederergasse 7 / 4020 Linz / AUSTRIA

After an absence of two years, Samaritan returns with a new and stronger line-up in feb 2006. From the first show on and looking at the response they get, the band has an audience for their live slaughter that`s growing everyday. Samaritan is becoming a wellknown name in the hardcore and metal scene in just a short period of time. Because of this they already played shows with bands like Agnostic Front, First Blood, 100 Demons, Sworn Enemy, Born From Pain, Kickback, Parkway Drive and Arkangel in the first months of their return. Festivals like Beeckestijn Pop, Artquake and the local Brainwash festival were a big success. Now 7 months later they recorded their first demo called Release The Burden What to expect?... with ex-BORN FROM PAIN, STANDARD, NEUK, K-AGAIN, WITH PRIDE & STONE COLD members - you know what you can expect! Hard hitting metalcore! With low tuned guitars....five songs containing 17 minutes of hate. Get It On!

... is one of the best hardcore bands blasting out of Germany right now and they are back with a bang with the superbly rocking "HUMAN FALLOUT". On this record Adjudgement don`t just continue where the genius of "At Two O`Clock" left off but raise the bar again and show that they can get even better. In a scene that couldn`t save itself from being infiltrated and diluted by trends and short-living fashions, Adjudgement is one of the few bands who manage to stay true and this record is proof that progress doesn`t necessarily mean selling out.
Adjudgement are deeply rooted in old school hardcore but have created their own sound, an educated and unique arrangement of power and dynamism matched by thoughtful lyrics dealing with things that matter to them and should matter to you; global capitalism, social submission and artificial trends within their scene.
This band has something to say. The lyrics are not just a side order and the topics they cover show a broad diversity. Stories about everyday life switch to personal impressions, criticism of the scene or social political topics. To put it in the bands own words: "Whether it`s the messed up restroom from the show last weekend or the racist refugee politics of the western states."
This masterpiece of hardcore is Adjudgement`s fourth full album and to create it they rejected all live engagements in the second half of 2006. This for a band who have been touring throughout Europe for over a decade and are well known for their incredible live performances shows no small commitment. Adjudgement are now coming back to life and ready to tour - you need to hear the anthems they`ll be playing!

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