The Deep Eynde, The Last Days of Jesus
Dne: 04.12.2008
Kde: Praha - Rock Cafe

The Last Days of Jesus- The Prague dark music scene was very disappointed that TLDOJ were not able to play Moonlight Mayhem Fest due to a band member being hospitalized. Fortunately the band member has recovered and TLDOJ will make it up to Prague. For almost 15 years, Europe`s most unique Deathrock band has combined classic 80`s and modern sounds and patterns to create their own exciting version of death and gothic rock. The lyrics are multi-layered and their songs like small revolutions, filled with protests against insincerity, duplicities, and indifference toward modern society. Their stage presence and aggressive sound have earned them recognition in the Deathrock, Goth, and Punk scenes.
The Deep Eynde- TDE has just released "Blackout – The Dark Years", an anthology of the last 15 years (+ new and lost tracks and DVD). Native to Southern California, TDE is embedded in the history of the LA underground. Through the years, the band has gathered considerable momentum, creating a musical library that crosses multiple genres of music. In addition to being admired for their eclectic sound, TDE is known for live performances featuring the elaborate costuming and intensity of singer Fate Fatale. On this outing, The Deep Eynde go back to their roots, conjuring up elements of 70`s rock’n’roll: reminiscent of the Damned, Ramones, The Stooges, Patti Smith, & of course, The Misfits.
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