The Intercontinental Harsh Collision
09.10.2017 20:52 Saman
Dne: 14.10.2017 20:00
Kde: Praha - Punctum (Krásova 27, Praha 3)

Revenge of the Nerds & Dog Bless You Records uvádí světové špičky harsh noisu + lokální support.

Kazumoto Endo aka Killer Bug (jp)
Facialmess (jp)
Purgist (pl)
Maaa (pl)
Talk=Trouble x NBDY x Noitt collab (cz/sk)

Punctum - Krásova 27, Praha 3
Vstup: 150,-


||| KAZUMOTO ENDO (Tokyo, Japan) |||
Since the mid-'90s, japanese noise artist Kazumoto Endo has released albums and eps under his own name and under the alias KILLER BUG. growing up in the '80s, endo listened to british bands like THE CURE and THE SMITHS, then got turned on to groups such as PUSSY GALORE and BIG BLACK, and began attending live performances by influential noise bands including HANATARASH and HIJOKAIDAN. Endo was, however, unimpressed with how noise music came across on recordings. He wanted to learn to play something different and so took traditional bolivian music classes. It was during this time that Endo purchased the first noise record he was impressed by: MERZBOW's Cloud cock 00 ground. Endo began buying equipment and making noise around 1990, in addition to continuing his bolivian music classes. Endo began recording in 1994 under the name KILLER BUG, with his first 7" released on sweden's releasing Eskimo label. He performed and recorded as KILLER BUG for a couple of years, but eventually dropped the alias. although he most often performs in Tokyo, Endo has also performed in the U.S., in 1995, 1997 and 2016. KAZUMOTO ENDO/ KILLER BUG has releases on labels from around the world, including releasing eskimo (sweden), self abuse, rrr, pinch- a-loaf (u.s.), alien8 recordings (canada), and freak animal (finland).

||| FACIALMESS (Tokyo, Japan) |||
Harsh noise project of british ex-pat Kenny Sanderson. Since 1997, Sanderson has been creating cut up harsh noise consisting of found sounds, industrial loops and stabs of percussion. FACIALMESS has released an impressive array of solo and collaborative efforts including work withwith SICKNESS, BASTARD NOISE, GUILTY CONNECTOR and SUPPRESSION. More recent work can be found on labels such as Opal tapes, Kitty play and No rent records. Effortlessly handling knife edge blasts of noise in between pounding sonic loops, sanderson is a master in the shredding and reassembly of his exclusive brand of cut-up harsh noise. Expect an unmistakable and unforgettable style, blown-out distorted textures, over-the-top volume, sick high-energy passages, frantic cuts, drills, loops, subtle hints of heavy atmospherics...

||| MAAAA (Warsaw, Poland) |||
Russian expat Sergei Hanolainen is the conduit for the well oiled machine that is MAAAA; a critically acclaimed Warsaw based noise project that has undergone years of refinement and as a result, has become to play a pivotal role in the concurrent noise climate. MAAAA’s well rehearsed live shows exhibit merciless deliveries of heavy electronics and dizzying drones that induce a physical response not so dissimilar to G forces. As MAAAA continues to mature, his albums strike a blend of classic, neo and underground styles, of the industrial and of the musique concrète, that are progressive, inspired and precise. It is not often that you see an artist so in touch with their machine.

||| PURGIST (Kielce, Poland) |||
Dawid Kowalski is a sound artist, improviser, music publisher, culture animator, live event organizer and art activist specializing in radical avant-garde electronic music. an active member of the polish and international underground music community since the early 2000s. Founder of (“we fight off tyranny of hate which decimates stupid people!”). PURGIST combines a variety of classic experimental music tropes such as object/tape manipulation, electroacoustic improvisation, industrial noise and combines them with extensive digital post-processing placing the end result in a musical context. PURGIST is an outlet for focused exploration of urban field recordings, digital artifacts, aural atmospherics and disjointed noise dynamics. His vivid, cinematic post- industrial harsh noise works have a prominent conceptual background based on a reflection upon personal vices and self-abusive obsessions.

Harsh beatz collab. As simple as that. References: DBY Records, Hluková Sekce, V0nt

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